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Poor Boy Trucking Ltd. has been moving oilfield equipment in the Peace River area since 1998.

Our company has grown from our first tractor to an extensive fleet of winch tractors, beds, 30 Ton and 45 Ton Pickers.

All our equipment is operated by fully qualified and certified professionals to exceed government and industry standards. We train our workers to ensure they are competent to perform their in a safe and proper manner. We provide the necessary personal protective equipment and instruction for use and care. Our rules are enforced and must be followed.

Poor Boy Trucking Ltd. is MECOR Certified and registered with ISNetworld, PICS, and Comply Works. Poor Boy Trucking Ltd. successfully upgraded their small employer certificate of recognition to the MECOR Certificate in 2012. We take our health and safety very serious. We want all our employees as well as our customers to be able to go home to their families with no casualties of any kind.

We are a company that takes pride in the jobs we do and expect the best from our employees. We know when we send our employees in the field, the best is what we and our customers expect and get.

Poor Boy Trucking Ltd. is committed not only to our employees, customers, subcontractors, property and equipment, but our visitors as well.

Through personal commitment, active participation and working together, we can all share the benefits of a safe work place.

Poor Boy Trucking Ltd.